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Selected events from the President's program.

2017-06-01 Celebration of the sovereignty of Finland
  The President and First Lady attended the celebrations on the occasion of the 100 years anniversary of the independence of Finland. During the visit, President Jóhannesson also had meetings with the President of Finland, the Prime Minister and Speaker of the Parliament.
• Speech in the Presidential Palace in Helsinki (in Danish, in Finnish, in Swedish).
Photographs from the visit (by the courtesy of the Office of the President of Finland and others).
2017-05-15 Official visit to the Faroe Islands
  The President and Ms. Eliza Reid paid an official visit to the Faroe Islands for a few days. The official visit started on 17 May and ended on 18 May. Prior to beginning the formal program Pressident Jóhannesson delivered a lecture at The University of the Faroe Islands (in English) and during the program he delivered a series of speeches in Faroese, including a speech at a gala dinner hosted by Prime Minnister Aksel V. Johannesen.
Lecture at The University of the Faroe Islands (in English, recording).
Table speech at a gala dinner, hosted by Prime Minister Aksel V. Johannesen (in Faroese; Danish translation).
Collection of photographs from the visit (photographer: Alan Brockie).
2017-03-30 Arctic Conference in Arkhangelsk
  President Jóhannesson addressed the 'International Arctic Forum' in Arkhangelsk. In his speech he emphasized the importance of marine resources and human development in the Arctic. During his visit, the President also had a meeting with President Vladimir Putin and local governors.
2017-03-23 State visit to Norway
  President Jóhannesson and First Lady Eliza Reid were on a State Visit to Norway 21-23 March 2017. The first two days were spent in Oslo and the final one in Bergen. Photographs from the visit can be viewed here (Oslo, photos by Myriam Marti) and here (Bergen). 
Speech at the State Dinner, hosted by His Majesty King Harald V (in Norwegian).
Speech at a lunch, hosted by Prime Minister Erna Solberg (in Norwegian).
Concluding speech at a conference held by the University of Oslo (in English).
Speech at a reception in honour of H.M. King Harald and Queen Sonja (in Norwegian).
Lecture at the University of Bergen (in English).
Speech at a lunch, hosted by the Mayor of Bergen (in Norwegian).
2017-01-25 State visit to Denmark
  President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson and First Lady Eliza Reid were on a State Visit to Denmark 24-25 January 2017. This was the first State Visit President Jóhannesson makes abroad. Photographs from the visit can be viewed here and here.
Speeches by the President (in Danish): in formal dinner at Amalienborg Palace, at luncheon hosted by the Prime Minister; at cultural event in the National Library, and in a reception to the honour of HM Queen Margrete II and Prince Henrik; and (in English): speech at the Confederation of Danish Industries.
2017-01-11 New Government of Iceland
  President Jóhannesson has conducted talks about forming a new coalition government, after the former government resigned following the parliamentary elections of 29 October. A new government took over on 11 January 2017. Photograph.
2017-01-01 New Year's Day Speech
  President Jóhannesson delivers the President's annual New Year's Day speech.
2016-12-06 Inauguration of Alþingi
  President Jóhannesson inaugurates the newly elected Alþingi (parliament of Iceland). The President's speech.
2016-08-01 Inauguration of new President
  President elect Guðni Th. Jóhannesson assumes the office of President of Iceland and delivers his inauguration speech in the presence of members of parliament and other guests.
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